Top Ten Voice Over Blogs – Number 3 Bill DeWees

Top Ten Voice Over Blogs – Number 3 Bill DeWees

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It’s the second instalment of my list of the Top Ten voice over blogs to follow. For insight and advice into the voice over industry there are a few bloggers who dominate. Yesterday we revealed the first (as in alphabetically first) two awesome bloggers. Today we have two more out of the ten.

Following great voice over bloggers, people who’ve been around the industry for years (this top ten list has a collective 200+ years of experience and wisdom) is an easy way to learn what to do and what not to do to make it as a voice artist.

I reached out to my favs. People I follow and consider among the best. I asked them all the same questions and am posting their responses this. We’ve heard from J. Michael Collins and Dave Courvoisier. Today it’s Bill DeWees. Who will it be tomorrow?


Voice Over Artist Bill DeWees

voice over artist Bill DeWees

Voice Over Artist Bill DeWees

I first came across Bill DeWees via his book How to Start and Build a  Six Figure Voice Over Career. Though Bill left blogging years ago for vlogging instead, I find his posts helpful, especially a few years ago during my transition from a voice over veteran confined to external studios within my city to a the owner of a full-fledged remote home studio and seeing my voice over career expand internationally.


Bill, why do you blog about voice over?

Someone suggested to me (about 9 or 10 years ago) that I should record a YouTube video regarding how I build my VO business.  I had never vlogged before, but i gave it a shot and got a great response.  I’ve now recorded about 500 videos for my YT channel and have over 30,000 subscribers.


Do you have a theme to your blogs or do you wait for inspiration to strike?

My themes are typically taken from questions/comments that I receive via e-mail.  After I posted my first video, people began e-mailing questions to me which has created a never ending source of content.  I have over 200 VO students and I often use their questions as well (not to mention my own personal experiences in the “day to day” of VO work).


What are your favorite kinds of blogs to write about?

I tend to enjoy content that focuses more on the mental/psychological aspect of being a talent and running your own business.  Motivation, inspiration and even the psychology of VO performance.  Most people tend to think their success lies in their “gear” or their “chops.”  Their issues typically exist in the gray matter between their ears!


What kinds of blogs have you noticed get the most attention or feedback?

Even though VO equipment is not a critically important topic, people LOVE to hear and talk about equipment.  My most watched YT video is a coaching session that recorded in which I worked with a guy with “announcer syndrome.”  I think it really resonated because of the battle we can all have in being/sounding like ourselves, as opposed to what we think others want us to sound like.


Do you have anything (else) you’d like us to know about your blog in particular or your (philosophy and) approach to the industry?

I’m definitely a “non-traditionalist” when it comes to VO.  I come from a business background.  My focus is on what works in BUSINESS.  The laws of marketing in business apply to VO as much as they do in any other type of business.  The notion of success as a “great” voice and having an agent is an old and outdated notion.  When people begin to realize this and start to treat VO as a business, frustration turns into progress.



There we go. Number three from my Top Ten list of voice over bloggers. Another professional chock full of insight into the voice over business.


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