Kim’s Passion for eLearning

Kim is an ardent elearning advocate.  Born of a long line of educators, she has taught as a narrator and face-to-face for years. She studied instructional design as a multimedia platform during her Communications BA which helped her dive into the medium in the mid ‘90’s (briefly as a writer) and whole heartedly as a voiceover artist. Passionate about elearning and its varied applications, Kim strongly identifies with her role as the conduit between the instructional designer, the SME and the learner and her voice features on over three dozen Award winning and thousands of other eLearning programs. Her friendly, conversational, engaging voice over is ideal for making technical and dense material clear.

Kim’s eLearning voiceover experience
spans thousands of projects in:

Medical, pharmaceutical & health care
Compliance, legal, & onboarding
K-12, college & university courses
Software & product sales
Mining, energy & electricity training

Banking, Investments & financial services
Fitness, beauty & cosmetics
Real estate & construction
Aviation, aerospace & automotive
Government & non-profits

Peer-recognized as a leader in voiceover narration for eLearning, Kim has appeared as both exhibitor and speaker at several eLearning and Voiceover conferences. Prolifically blogging about the industry, Kim also coaches voiceover talent and laypeople on how to best deliver learnable content effectively.

The Meteoric Rise of eLearning











eLearning Narration Strategies:

Increase Retention & Foster Behavior Change

Different e-learning programs have different end-goals. Academic courses orient toward learner retention, while corporate training programs seek behavior change. A voiceover artist who understands and performs with your goals in mind, helps you achieve your targets.

Pacing & Tone

Whether your online course is structured with long lectures or broken into micro learning, the pacing and tone of your voiceover talent is integral to the success of the audio part of your multimedia presentation. You want seamless audio quality, consistent pacing and varied rhythm. The tone? Something pleasant on the ear.

Style & Role

The role of the narrator has changed in eLearning. Gone are the soporific, robotic professors and here are the character narrators. The quirky hipster, the genuine friend, the engaged peer, the conversational manager. These choices bring new life to the genre. The focus? Totally one-to-one.

The Takeaways

To give a script justice, a good eLearning narrator must be either a subject matter expert who also has excellent storytelling capabilities or an outstanding voice artist who can present the material with the passion of a SME and keep the listener spellbound within the story of the script.

High-Level Interest

Genuine interest in the educational material is critical to higher learner engagement and program success. A career narrator, like Kim is a careful blend of actor, educator and professional speaker.

eLearning Lessons

Healthcare &

Medical Specialty

Business/HR/Legal Compliance

Award Winning Custom & Off the Shelf

Recent eLearning Clients

WHO, Novartis, Celgene, BMS, Sanofi, GSK, United States Air Force, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp, HDR, Tech Mining, Seneca College, Accuray, Colorado State, Concordia U, LaSalle College, Stanford U, SUNY, UNICEF, Dun & Bradstreet, TD Bank, Options Industry Council, Deloitte, HDR


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