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Kim Handysides | Manufacturing Industry eLearning Voiceovers

The manufacturing industry creates eLearning for safety, compliance, time keeping and a host of other issues specific to smooth and efficient operation. Increasingly it also includes skills development programs to increase the utility of in-house staff. Standardized or custom programs for project and time management, strategic planning, lean manufacturing principles and leadership training help keep industries effective and profitable.

Whether soft-skills or industry specific technical skills, eLearning for the manufacturing industry requires a voice over narrator who understands how to engage listeners to retain important information and connect on an emotional level to prompt behavior change. Hundreds of content creators for the manufacturing industry have chosen Kim Handysides to accomplish these goals.

Great eLearning for this market is learner-centric, based in real-life scenarios which correctly simulate the environment the employee faces. A smooth, clear, relatable voice over helps keep the learner focused. An experienced voice over artist who inherently knows which points are the most important to get across and is effective at making certain your message is heard is the one that will keep employees safe and compliant, able to master and enhance skills and work through situations.

Kim has narrated high quality eLearning programs in diverse manufacturing industries as automotive, food and beverage, electronics, energy, electronics, telecommunications, chemicals, personal care products, steel, metal and consumer goods. Connecting with learners and helping people achieve their training goals is what this award-winning female voice actor does best. Book Kim to make sure your legal and compliance training hits your targets. Or contact her for a quote or custom sample today.


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