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Corporate narration is voice over used for a multitude of purposes. Corporations differ from businesses in that they are huge enterprises that answer to shareholders. As such, there are great quantities of communications, external and internal that often use voice over narration either alone or with video to quickly and effectively assist in spreading messages.

External facing, or public facing corporate narrations speak on behalf of the company. Corporations spend a great deal of time and money building a consistent brand, complete with visuals – logos, images, colors, and if not a brand voice, then voice overs that embody the sound and reflect the image the corporation wants the public to associate with them. They may be found on the corporate website, on various premises, in on-site or out-of-office presentations or at fundraising or charitable events. They may be played at shareholders meetings, annual meetings, at conferences, even in some cases, museums.

Internal corporate narrations share content among and between employees of the corporation. They include training, corporate policy, human resources initiatives, on boarding, accountability, sales, anti-sexual harassment and corporate culture programs. They can report, inspire and teach. Give a corporate history lesson. Or roll out new plans and projects. Voice over in internal corporate communications may mirror the external facing brand, the tone of the message itself (serious, inspiring, feel-good) or the type of media (awards, explainer, mobile training) the messages are embedded in.

Corporate narrations have been Kim’s regular bread and butter for ages. This gives her unique insight in being able to break down the essential messages in a variety of corporate communications and deftly present them with the correct, impactful tone to the right intended audience. Most corporate communications are about celebration, inspiration and behavior change. Kim works with you to ensure your corporate narration sounds great every time and meets your anticipated goal.

Corporate narrator on Fortune 500s and specialized corporations, Kim has remarkable experience in corporate banking, big pharma, international engineering and the major IT brands. Most importantly, she can help make your message sound exactly the way you want it. Contact Kim to book your next corporate narration or to get a quote or sample read from her


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