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Kim Handysides | Audio Guides and Tours Voice Overs

Audio guide narration is a growing sector of the tourism industry. But audio guides, whether for cities, museums, or even whole countries, are just part of this burgeoning business. Audio guides are also found in hospitals, factories, in real estate, in apartments and homes, even in communities yet to be constructed.

Whether accompanying video or alone as an audio-only element, these guides help listeners create mental pictures and recount the story or history of special places. Public sites, popular visitor destinations, historical places, permanent museum collections or travelling exhibitions, people get more out of their visits with insightful engaging guided narration.

With a blended background in theatre and broadcasting, female voice over artist Kim Handysides has a wide array of tools in her narrator’s toolkit to supply your audio guide with the ideal tone and delivery. Her audio guides have been in the Smithsonian, in the White House and countless exhibits in national and international museums. She voiced several roving art collections, including the Fabregé exhibit, Miro and Chagall. Kim can craft the right sound to accompany a trip back in time, to a far-flung corner of the world or even to the future.

City and outdoor guides require great storytelling skills and a clear, engaging tone. Keeping listeners informed and focused in the midst of external stimuli is a challenge Kim is adept at meeting head on. She has been the city-guide voice for ten towns in Canada and the US and the English voice for the guided walking tour series for the whole country of Georgia.

If you need an amazing, award-winning voice for your audio guide or tour, contact Kim. She’d love to chat with you about your next project.


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