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Kim Handysides | Female Political Voice Over

Political ads and campaign commercials inform, start or shift conversations, influence political debate, and perhaps most importantly, get votes!

A top voiceover talent in the political commercial world, female political voice over artist, Kim Handysides is persuasive and compelling, calm and credible, sincere and trustworthy.

Female Political Ad Voice Over Professional

Professional, intelligent, and believable, female political voice over professional, Kim Handysides captures audience attention on television, radio and web ads for local, state and national campaigns. Versatile and effective, a smooth voice with a broad appeal, Kim brings intelligence and compassion to every job. Over 25 years as a professional voice over artist, with training in dramatic art and a background in broadcast journalism, she confidently draws listeners in with genuine authenticity, whether your spot calls for a concerned citizen, a soccer mom, a dinner party guest, or a spokesperson. From bipartisan issues to election campaigns, positive, comparison or negative style, Kim can make your candidate’s message resonate with voters.

Voice Over in Election Advertising

Elections are won by gaining voter trust. Kim Handysides has been used by Fortune 500 companies the world over to gain trust for both client facing ads and internal communications. As your female political voice over talent, whether the voice you need is for your strategic plan is image, issue, attack, or comparison, Kim rises to the cause. Doing what it takes to help you win. Award winning for her talent at commercial voice over, Kim helps your candidate gain critical ground and build trust in voter minds.

The Power of Negative Political Ads

Negative political ads are extremely powerful campaigns tools. Kim is adept at the special skill set required to expose the negative, and inform listeners without turning them off. Negative ads are powerful tools to provide evidence and increase voter knowledge. Studies indicate female voices generate less back lash in attack and negative political ads and in comparison ads where there is a negative component. Use this to your advantage in your local office, state political race or national special interest campaign.

Purposeful Positive Political Ads

The purpose of positive political ads are to highlight virtues, views and experience and help link your candidate with issues important to your constituents. They speak to character and help lead evaluations of candidate competency. Although used less frequently in the current political commercial environment, they are still beneficial and are often a key component in successful campaigns. A skilled storyteller, Kim has been hired to narrate by Presidential campaign leaders, international best-selling authors, even Oscar winners.

Campaign Issues and Causes

Political campaign issues and causes form rallying points in every campaign. They change with the times. They birth dispute. Health care, taxation, jobs, the environmental, justice, resolutions, energy, the economy. A clear female voice over can cut through the clutter and make your issue heard.

At the Ready

Ever at the ready, like cardiac surgeons, political ad voice over artists are on call. Available anytime on short notice. Book Kim for a live directed sessions or ask for one of her lightning speed self-directed turn arounds. She always offers broadcast quality audio in her suite of sound studios, with Source Connect or Skype/Phone patch. Hire Kim for your next political ad. She’s ready to sign with your team today.

A Female Voice Over Veteran with Political Ad Experience

Like the candidate leading your campaign, the combination of voice over political ad experience and transferrable skills from this veteran female narrator, as well as passion and dedication to the greater good, are what cause people to rally around issues and leaders. Savvy to the world of policy and debate, Kim has voiced ads specific to various political ads for multiple terms. She has also narrated emergency White House primers and internal and public facing programs in numerous government arenas (EPA, Air Force, NIH). She’s frequently hired for national and international Award ceremonies, her TV narration has been on Discovery and Netflix. She is a regular voice in the Smithsonian suite of museums and most recently, the voice of an iMax film collaboration with NASA and Lockheed Martin.

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