International Accents Demos

Our world is getting smaller. Many companies have global offices with international staff and/or clients. As well as artfully mastering several accents, which she can thicken or lighten as per your request, Kim Handysides has crafted many accents always with authenticity.

Well-travelled herself and living in a metropolitan city that celebrates its European flavor within North America, Kim’s approach to accented voice art is flexible – that is, she can make it thick or subtle, yet respectful as is rightfully due to the multi-lingual. She has also crafted a few special “International” accents. Agencies targeting these markets seek voiceover artists who sound like they’ve travelled, been educated or worked in various countries and have a sound that is not identifiable with any one place.

Sample her selection of accented and International commercials, corporate narrations and documentaries on the right or see videos below where she was hired for general British, French and Southern US accents.


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