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Voiceovers for Financial Investment Strategies, Reporting & Communications

eLearning for the financial sector involves finding the story behind the sales, statements, liabilities and assets. As a speaker on eLearning narration at a recent Bank Trainers Conference, female voice actor Kim Handysides gave out gold on how to best approach this type of proposition. Investment strategies, financial reporting, sales and communications take a facility with the language of commerce. Breaking the core messages down to how our movements and actions affect the bank’s and the customer’s bottom line.

Dozens of national and international banks have hired Kim to help train their employees, whether for onboarding, internal communications, security, governance, auditing, recovery strategies, learning new software programs and for many other topics integral to the financial sector.

Narration for eLearning in banking, investments and finance is best handled by a voice over artist who understands the material and is able to keep learners engaged, help them grasp not only the inherent content but the reasons why the training is imperative. Excellent financial eLearning voice over narrators present your material in a straightforward and credible manner. Your content dictates the delivery style from conversational peer-to-peer, to buttoned up, top-down authoritative, to authentic characters for role playing and situation analysis.

Kim Handysides has been the voice over of choice for eLearning a variety of financial institutions, from Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Wells Fargo and BMO to Japan’s SMBC, Canada’s BDC, Germany’s DZ Bank and Merrill Lynch in Switzerland. As well as these top financial institutions, she has assisted a multitude of other financial firms, credit unions and investment groups learn well and quickly, whether the goal has been behavior change or transfer of knowledge.

If you have a financial animation, narration or eLearning program that needs a great voice over, book Kim today. Or contact her for a quote or a custom sample.


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