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Female voice over artist Kim Handysides has an insatiable (possibly incurable) love of story. Whether it’s a six second commercial, a thousand-page novel, two hours on the silver screen or among friends spinning yarns around a fire, story in all its shapes and forms is her biggest passion. She maintains love of story is what led her to her place as a voice over actor at the top of her field.

Proud to have been able to write “voice actor” as her full-time occupation on her tax forms for the last 25+ years, Kim’s work has primarily been in commercials, eLearning and narration with brief forays into gaming and animation and a few on-camera pieces. With a background in theatre and film and a thorough grounding in radio and television, her talent, creativity and relentless work ethic have gained her a stellar reputation.

Generous by nature, driven by an unquenchable fire to perform and ideate, Kim pursues excellence in the voice arts and is a leader in the voice community.


With a father who read Shakespeare to his kids whenever they asked for a bedtime story, is it any wonder Kim became bound for the stage? From her first role as Goldilocks in her kindergarten production, through high school and community theatre productions and subsequent studies at the School of Dramatic Art, University of Windsor, immersion in story and the power to affect an audience were key drivers. One day in a TV class, when asked to sit behind the mic to take a stab at narration, something magical happened for Kim. She discovered the place she was meant to be. She switched the focus of her studies to Communications, namely TV & radio production.

After graduating a stint in small town radio and theatre turned into a decade long series of DJ/weather/reporter/traffic/anchor assignments at local, national and then international radio & TV stations. She worked in key on-camera or on mic positions at CBC, CTV, the national Weather Network & International radio (RCI shortwave) and (what are now) iHeart radio stations. Kim peppered this time with theatre and film roles and plunged whole heartedly into what became her major love, voice acting.


Favorite TV role?

A completely out of character loving wife turned killer in Fatal Vows.

Best director she worked with?

Oscar nominated Denys Arcand in Love & Human Remains

Most famous actor she shared a scene with?

Robert De Niro in Jacknife.

Most fun narrating a TV series?

52 episodes of Beyond Belief! for Discovery

Coolest narration audience?

The Whitehouse for an in-house primer on Ebola

Longest National TV commercial campaign?

L’Oreal Garnier Fructis – 10 years


Awards are sometimes difficult to track in “blue collar” voice acting as the talent is often not made aware of his or her participation on a winning piece of work. However, Kim has been the voice of over 40 award winning commercials and video productions, Kim has also been the narrator on two Cannes nominated films (Golden Palm & Lions). She was twice nominated at the SOVAS Awards, (the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences) in Los Angeles, once for Best TV Voiceover Commercial in 2016 for a poetry slam spot called “the FGCU Effect” and once for Best TV PSA in 2018, an American Red Cross piece called “Hollyw__d isn’t the same without O’s”. She is also a speaker and presenter at Voice Over industry and Training conferences. She mentors other actors, leads private and ACTRA sponsored workshops on voice acting and narration and also coaches privately.



Kim’s passion for creative expression has taken her into stand-up comedy, novel writing, television producing and extreme crafting. She can’t sew worth a darn, but is quite the quick draw with a glue gun. A foray into homeschooling because of dyslexia in one of her kids turned into an adventure with her two daughters for close to a decade (now both straight A students in college). Her love of learning and teaching is not surprising. She comes from a long line of educational professionals. Kim like to be hands-on, (if you didn’t already pick up on that with the homeschooling reveal) which led her to renovate two houses with her husband of 20+ years. (There will not be a third!) She’s a board-games lover, a trivia tycoon and a devoted dominoes despot. Low key travel to obscure destinations is her favorite way to go, to soak up nature or history, art and local culture. A lover of all music, (from Opera to Metal and more) and a guitar player, indie is her favorite genre. Her sports include scuba diving, kayaking, hiking and cross-country skiing. Although she’s lived in several places, Montreal is now home where she speaks fluent French, with a nice English accent. She also speaks tourist-grade Spanish and wannabe Mandarin.

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