Corporate Financial Commercials

What do we want from anyone we deal with in the financial sector? Trust. Confidence. Knowledge. Honesty.

To convey this to your customers, your voice over artist needs to embody those traits in his or her delivery and connect with your clients and customers on an emotional level. As clear cut and logical as we pretend our financial decisions are, emotion is also involved. Studies show  people find the female voice ranks higher in conveying trust. As the chosen voice over artist for several banks, data-analytics services, credit unions, real estate, insurance and companies offering legal services, Kim Handysides expresses trustworthiness, credibility, honesty and confidence helping you gain a competitive edge and stand out among the competition. Supported, safe, secure, at home.

Need a strategy that connects with your audience on this emotional level? Click through some of the samples of Kim’s voiceovers of corporate and financial services.


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