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What do we want from corporate commercial and financial ads or anyone we deal with in the financial sector? Stability. Security. Trust. Confidence. Knowledge. Honesty. Great bank, insurance, fintec and  commercials know this and create impactful messages with those goals in mind that cut through the clutter and solves a consumer problem. 

To convey big ideas like trust and honesty to your customers, your voice over artist needs to embody those traits with a sincere storytelling delivery and connect with your clients and customers on an emotional level.

Traditional financial commercial voice over

Traditional key players in the financial sector are the banks, credit unions, loan companies and credit card institutions. Insurance, underwriting services and brokers also fit this old school mould. What we’ve come to expect in terms of the style and delivery of the voice in any advertisements here is a pretty buttoned up approach. But with the advent of fintec, this style is changing.

Emotion in Financial Decisions

As clear cut and logical as we think our financial decisions are, emotion is involved. In fact, the financial sector advertising is quickly shifting toward the more emotive. Whether talking about big or small business, these ads are slices of real life that portray scenes where financial considerations have some impact help companies build brand and get the public to consider products. So, the human touch is a strong consideration when landing on what kind of voice over will best tell the story of these ads.

Another surprising TV ad trend introduced a couple of years ago in the financial services industry is the strange, arty feel of ads created for Umpqua and Klarna from our Northern creatives (Iceland and Sweden). The “Smooth” campaign pioneered whimsy and delight using disruption in advertising to turn our view on finance sideways and “The Seed and the Moon” introduced the concept of the transformative power of good banking decisions.

Hope, Inspiration, Achievement Financial Advertising Goals

Ideals and goals of transformation, inspiration, fulfilment, hope, and achievement, make us look outside the way we’ve always presented banks and their related products. This not only affects the concept and visuals, but the voice narrative as well. It’s an exciting time in advertising financials as we balance the traditional presentation and layer in new ideas.

Studies show the female voice ranks high in conveying trust. Female voice over is a great choice when you want your product’s story to be unfolded by someone who is seen as a helpers. Someone compassionate, understanding and non-threatening. As the voice over artist chosen for several banks, data-analytics services, credit unions, real estate, insurance and companies offering legal services, Kim Handysides expresses trustworthiness, credibility, honesty and confidence helping you gain a competitive edge and stand out among the competition.

Need a strategy that connects with your audience on this emotional level? Click through some of the samples of Kim’s voiceovers of corporate and financial services. Smooth, confident, credible and approachable, contact Kim for a custom read of your spot.


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