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What do a business CEO, an NFL player and an Oscar nominee have in common? They all work with coaches.

Acting is a craft. To stretch and grow you need lessons, workshops and a coach. Probably several coaches. Someone with a good reputation, who’s either been in it longer than you or works a lot more than you, who has something you need and knows how to teach and share. A good coach gives more direction and insight into how to elevate your performance than you could yourself.

My specialties lie in areas on which I’ve built a long standing, successful voice acting career. I excel in and coach performance in commercial, corporate and eLearning voiceover narration. By creating an environment in which you can comfortably stretch and grow and identifying where you are and where you need to be, I help you isolate technical issues, look at how you approach your script, and help with acting skills. Let’s work together to make adjustments and improve your audition to hit rate!

Return on Investment

Coaching generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to measurable outcomes. The vast majority of companies (86%) say they at least made their investment back.
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A Coach & Four Courses

Voice acting is a craft. One where even the best, regularly take classes and hire coaches to stay fresh, relevant and improve. Kim has created a successful career in voiceover for almost three decades. For the last few years, she has become is a dedicated vocal coach and offers one-to-one training (via Skype) in the areas in which she has excelled.


From the first phone call I had with Kim, I knew she was the perfect e-learning coach for me. She immediately put me at ease with her down to earth personality. Through her coaching sessions, she was able to tap into characteristics I never thought I had. She honed in on how to bring a tedious script to life. She was encouraging (even when I messed up royally). She helped broaden my skills as a voice talent. And, we had lots of fun working together. I give Kim Handysides “5 Stars” as a coach and all around terrific lady. Thanks, Kim.
Marie Hoffman
Voice Talent


Kim Handysides is a fantastic coach. I worked with her in four to five sessions and was able to gain the knowledge to book some amazing gigs!
Samuel Fleming


I had such a great experience working with Kim Handysides! She is a great coach. She offers amazing advice and guidance while in studio. She really made me comfortable during the session which allowed me to express who I really am as a voice actor. I will definitely work with her in the future for further coaching on different projects. Thank you for all your help!
Melody Trueheart


Designed for the non-professional who wants to voice a course, an audiobook, a corporate video or other kind of narration. In four sessions of 30 minutes each, this audio series will help you sound much better than you do right now. Whether you are a SME (subject matter expert), a college professor who has written an eLearning course, a nurse narrating the latest set of lessons on compliance, or the owner of a business who wants to reach customers, if you need to narrate your video yourself, you want to make certain you will be effective, engage your audience, get your message across in a positive way that draws people in. An expert in her field, Kim’s practical guide to better voiceovers includes content rich tutorials with labs to complete between sessions. You can do the course and lab work yourself $300 or, Kim can critique it for you for $500. Contact her directly to access the course.


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