Coach With Kim

Coach with Kim

What do business CEO’s, NFL players and Oscar nominees have in common? They all work with coaches. Coaches like Kim.

Acting is a craft. It needs constant polishing and refining. To stretch and grow you need lessons, workshops and a coach. Probably several coaches. Someone with a good reputation, who’s either been in it longer than you or works a lot more than you, who has something you need and knows how to teach and share. A good coach gives more direction and insight into how to elevate your performance than you could yourself.

Technology and demand have widened the voice over world to lower the threshold to access the work. That doesn’t necessarily mean you will book the work. Make sure the person you coach with has a great booking rate themselves as well as the teaching skills to help you find it yourself.

Why work with Kim?

Through her rich and varied career in voice over arts, Kim has polished her craft under the guidance of some of the best coaches in the field.  Favorite coaches had skills and insight she valued highly and were able to impart their knowledge skilfully and effectively. With equal measures of analytic and creative insight, Kim shares the best of what she’s learned from others and what she’s gleaned from her own successes.

Voice Over Coaching Specialities

Kim’s voice over coaching specialties lie in areas on which she’s built a long standing, successful voice acting career. The lion’s share of her voice work has been in commercial, business, documentary and eLearning narration. She also has years of directing experience. Working privately, with production houses, with schools and academies. Having a formal education in dramatic art she speaks fluent “actor” and is effective at guiding performers to the places they need to go to enhance their art.

A heavy hitter myself in the commercial, corporate and eLearning voice world, Kim approaches these genres of the field in the same way actors approach theatre or film. The skills are transferrable and the adjustments for each type of voice work do not take long to make.

Kim is a Great Acting Teacher

Alongside her 30-year voiceover career, Kim has been a great teacher for 10 years. Her family members, many of whom are also teachers and professors, say this skill is in her genes. She particularly likes to coach performers who aren’t afraid to work.

Although she is happy to coach for one hour, she typically works with people in a minimum of three-hour packages. These can be separated by week, or every two weeks. This gives the student time to work-out between sessions and improve their skill set. Kim listens to the student’s current level of skill, asks questions and determines targets, then sets attainable goals within your time together. She sends out prep work and assign homework in between sessions.

A Selective Acting Coach

Kim is a selective acting coach. She does not take on many students because she is happily busy enough in her own voice career that she doesn’t have time to take on more than a handful at any given time. But she is really good at identifying what is missing in a performance and helping students find it. Working remotely over Skype, and emailing in between sessions, she creates an environment in which students can comfortably stretch and grow and identify where you are and where you need to be. She helps isolate technical issues, look at how the student approaches script, and helps with acting skills. If this appeals to you, Kim would love to work together to make adjustments and improve your audition to hit rate!

Return on Investment

Coaching generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to measurable outcomes. The vast majority of companies (86%) say they at least made their investment back.
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A Coach & Four Courses

Voice acting is a craft. One where even the best, regularly take classes and hire coaches to stay fresh, relevant and improve. Kim has created a successful career in voiceover for almost three decades. For the last few years, she has become is a dedicated voice over coach and offers one-to-one training (via Skype) in the areas in which she has excelled: commercials, narration and eLearning.


From the first phone call I had with Kim, I knew she was the perfect e-learning coach for me. She immediately put me at ease with her down to earth personality. Through her coaching sessions, she was able to tap into characteristics I never thought I had. She honed in on how to bring a tedious script to life. She was encouraging (even when I messed up royally). She helped broaden my skills as a voice talent. And, we had lots of fun working together. I give Kim Handysides “5 Stars” as a coach and all around terrific lady. Thanks, Kim.

Marie Hoffman
Voice Talent


Kim Handysides is a fantastic coach. I worked with her in four to five sessions and was able to gain the knowledge to book some amazing gigs!

Samuel Fleming


I had such a great experience working with Kim Handysides! She is a great coach. She offers amazing advice and guidance while in studio. She really made me comfortable during the session which allowed me to express who I really am as a voice actor. I will definitely work with her in the future for further coaching on different projects. Thank you for all your help!

Melody Trueheart


Designed for the voice over professional who wants to improve their narration read rate. That is, how to make fewer mistakes in your cold reads so it takes less time to perform long form narration. A tight read rate can dramatically increase your bottom line. To date, Kim Handysides is the only voice over coach offer this specialized course. Narration 2.0 is a three hour course complete with a Daily Planner designed to last you 1 year, Kim created this course after analyzing the differences between voice over artists who took three hours to narrate one hour of script and those who (like her) can narrate an hour of text in about an hour and ten minutes. She launched it in an X session at VO Atlanta 2019 and now offers this course privately online. Contact her directly to access the course.

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