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Kim Handysides | Cosmetic and Health Commercial Voice Over


Beauty and cosmetic, health and medical commercial voice overs require special skills. It needs to sound intelligent yet approachable. Friendly yet refined. Authoritative yet engaging.

How do you fill this prescription? Thousands have chosen female voiceover talent Kim Handysides for their beauty, health and medical VO needs.

With more than two dozen years voicing cosmetic, medical and health commercials Kim’s experience stretches from being the brand voice for L’Oreal hair and skin products for over a decade to on-camera acting for prescription medications. She’s been the brand voice for 25 years of a major pharmacy chain in the north east and has brought countless ad campaigns and public service announcements to life for health supplements, medical centers, children’s hospitals, and health-oriented companies across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Voiceover for Beauty Commercials and Cosmetic Ads

Like it or not, men have traditionally been valued for their power and women for their beauty. But norms to define that beauty change from generation to generation, and culture to culture. One thing the myriad of beauty standards across time and geography share is confidence. How many times have you heard, “Confidence is the best accessory.” Projecting poise and assurance vocally, whether husky, whispered, joyful or cheeky, that is what makes great voice over in a beauty ad.

Getting the attitude right on a beauty spot is key to hitting the right emotional notes within a viewer or listener. It takes a professional voice talent familiar with how to break down your script and unpack the mood and key selling points of the product and brand.

Voiceover for Health Commercials

Without good health our quality of life is dismal and yet it usually ranks low or last on people’s list of priorities. But rising costs and a desire for more control over health decisions is shifting this placement. Ads for health include health care, clinics and hospitals; fitness, mindfulness and meditation; and vitamins, supplements and nutrition. Kim has done voice over for health commercials in all of these areas.

People adopt two mindsets when hearing voice over in health advertisements. Either the spots gloss over their awareness to be (hopefully) tucked away for future reference because right now their health and the health of their family members is good. Or they are attentive. Perhaps hyper-vigilant, because they or a loved one is undergoing a health crisis.  As a voice over artist, the delivery is a challenging line to ride between warmth, trust, urgency, and support. Sometimes a voice over using humor is the right touch. You need a clear empathetic voice who rises out of the background and resonates with the listener.

Voiceover in Medical Commercials

What’s the one thing that makes medical commercials stand out? A lot of legal. But delivered in the voice over right tone, these DTC (Direct to Consumer) warnings, precautions and adverse events become more than lines of legal copy to slog through. They inform, give pointers, show the ropes. While it’s extremely important to be specific with the pharmaceutical scripts, a one-to-one, confident yet conversational tone catches the listener’s ear and end-goal: prompts the potential patient to have a conversation with their doctor about the drug.

To effectively deliver medical ads for prescription drugs, Kim draws on two skills. Her extensive background in medical eLearning which helps make the vocabulary-dense text roll out effortlessly, and her decades of broadcast commercial experience which helps her speak direct to the consumer in a compelling way.


Whether cosmetic, health or medical ad, Kim Handysides can craft a combination of engaging trustworthiness and confidence wrapped in a conversational approach delivers what you need to resonate with your audience. Along with an authentic, natural approach, she brings this to you with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Whether your ad needs an intelligent voice that’s compassionate, corporate, enthusiastic or technical, Kim delivers. On brand and on time.


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