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Kim Handysides | Website Narration Voice Over

Website videos are on the serious rise. Videos pack content into tight entertaining info nuggets that people love to consume. They increase traffic to your site and encourage visitors to spend more time with you once they are there. People remember your message better when it’s in video form and videos lead more people to action than text and images.

For most of those videos, great voice over narration is not only the sound element of choice, it’s another opportunity for you to better brand your company. Choosing a consistent voice over narrator for all your videos is a strong branding choice. But you may want to cast one narrator for one product or one type of video.

Website narration happens on many different types of videos. Introduction and mission statement videos are often known as “Who we are” or “our story” videos. These are popular landing page primers that whet your visitors taste for more. Other popular kinds of website videos include those where an excellent narrator will draw your visitors in, as you tell them more about you include case studies, culture videos, how-to’s, how it works, and tutorials. You may include presentations, events and product review videos. Production elements range from animation and whiteboard to video, even stop-motion.

People are creating website videos because they offer engaging opportunities to differentiate yourself from your competitors, showcase your brand and company personality and build client trust. Thousands of companies have hired female voice over actor Kim Handysides to enhance their websites with all kinds of video narration. She will work with you to create a great narration to reflect your brand and needs. Contact Kim today for a quote or a custom sample.


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