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Kim Handysides | Narration Voice Overs for Apps

Apps are part of life on mobile and in-app voice over can be critical to an app’s success. The best apps either make your life easier or entertain you when you’ve got some down time. Their goal is giving a great experience to users.

Some apps don’t rely on voice over because may affect the speed of their load time or sound has nothing to do with their function. You don’t really need voice over if you’re playing solitaire. But you do if you’re learning a new language, it’s essential. The voice work I did as one of the DuoLingo voice actors is a great example of that. One of the most popular language learning programs in multiple languages not just ESL (English as a Second Language), the DuoLingo app rolls out bite-sized language lessons along with written, audio and visual elements an example of micro-learning at its best.

Some apps with voice over coach us in exercise programs, fitness and health, mediation, even cooking. One of the first apps Kim narrated was for UBI Soft’s Nintendo series My Cooking Coach just over 10 years ago. She was cast as hers was the only voice that was clear and distinguishable through the tiny low-grade DS speakers. Since then, she’s narrated hundreds of cool apps. Financial apps for banking and investment. Home security apps, HPC and patient focused medical apps, even apps for vets.

Content creators for corporations are using apps to roll out training and eLearning programs for inhouse use on mobile platforms. Making it easy for learners to access programs on the go, during their commute or business travel.

Two favorite apps Kim voiced that are targeted to kids are the Portable North Pole app and FeelU. Portable North Pole is a great way for kids to have an interactive experience with Santa’s workshop. They access messages from elves, visit the reindeer, even send a video to Santa. FeelU is a smart app aimed at kids and parents of kids on the autistic spectrum to help them identify and appropriately express emotions.

If you’ve got an app that needs a voice over, contact Kim. She’d be happy to answer questions, send you a quote or a sample read.


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