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Kim Handysides | Telephony Voice Over

What would life be like without our phones? It no longer seems imaginable. Today there are a myriad of telephone voice over services to go with our phones. While we may use them more as mobile computers now, they are our source for communications and still primarily our major way to reach out and touch someone. But we can’t always be there live in person. To answer that need, the field of telephony has exploded and even branched into the newer technological spin-off territories of TTS (Text-to-Speech) and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

AI & TTS Voice Over

From Siri to Alexa and beyond, the AI or TTS voice over coming from our phones, our GPS and other apps become important features of the companies creating them. Whether the brand voice of an app for a major department store, an international financial service or a piece of technology itself, voice over artists like Kim Handysides are being hired to be the human bridge between you and your technology. AI doesn’t only mean finding hiring a voice like Kim to become the brand, sometimes recorded voices are required to teach AI computers English. Kim Handysides Voice Over recently managed just such a job involving AI script recording of 135 voice over artists for one of the largest cell phone manufacturers in the world.

Phone Greetings

From the mom & pop shop to major corporations to online warehouses, we invest a lot of time and money into creating engaging websites and storefronts. Your business phone greeting needs the same kind of thought put into it. If your company has a phone, your phone service is often your first point of contact with clients. It’s the welcome mat for potential customers and an opportunity to reinforce your brand into your greeting. Use your phone greeting to set the stage for your new and ongoing customers. Do you want to be perceived as calm and soothing or excited and fresh? Buttoned down business or slightly seductive? Thinking of the vocal tone of your business is as important as your color scheme and logo.

On-Hold Messaging & Out of Office Voice Greetings

No one likes being placed on hold, but with the right voiceover talent delivering an engaging informative set of messages to listen to while waiting to be put through to you or one of your employees, you can transform that experience into a pleasant one. Let your waiting customer know about more than your address and out of office hours. What product or service are you showcasing this month? Do you have new financing options they might like to take advantage of? Has your corporation done something for the community worth sharing? On-hold messaging is infotainment for your customer. It’s like an audio newsletter. It keeps them engaged, apprised of your products or services and sends the message that you respect their time. Female voice over artist Kim Handysides has been the brand phone voice for many companies for greetings, on-hold messages and an assortment of phone-related business opportunities.

Marketing Messages and Campaigns

Outbound telephone marketing messages and campaigns are a great way to connect with customers, constituents, or members of an organization. They are time saving and effective when handled professionally. To replace a live person and keep your target audience listening to your complete message, your voice over artist needs to come across as genuine and authentic. Kim has recorded numerous robo-call messages, voicemail trees, membership reminders and invitations with successful outcomes. Looking for an energetic, genuine voice for a marketing phone blast, a smooth, articulate voice announcing your candidate’s stance on a hot issue, or a soccer mom or swim coach promoting sign-up season, Kim is your voice.

Check out her demo of phone voice over samples, or request a complimentary custom audition to hear how Kim would interpret your answering service.


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