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Some people think the legal profession a relatively dry one. But female voice over artist Kim Handysides has made dozens of engaging eLearning narrations for content creators that cater to the legal profession. She relishes the challenge of sifting through salient points in dense text and making them palatable. The key to making legalese less dry is the ability to wade through the technical language of the law and decipher the crux of a particular phrase or paragraph. Then making certain listeners hear and absorb those most important parts of your message.

Often legal eLearning is less about the law and more about the humans interacting within the profession. In this case, understanding the reason for the program is essential. It usually comes from some sense of urgency. A compliance issue that may be costing a firm money. A behavior issue that needs addressing, either within the firm or among clients. (Again, often reflecting the bottom line) Perhaps introducing or refining items of corporate culture.

Kim’s passion for narrating lessons, training and issues around the law, stem from her passion for clear communication, her love of the English language, in all its dialects and forms (from Shakespeare and Dickens to medical text and legalese), and her expertise in being able to break down esoteric turns of phrase or complex word puzzles and turn them into the simple and understandable.

Happily, many content creators have shifted away from archaic “text and next” strategies and incorporate story, gamification and engaging voice over to take governance, risk, regulatory and compliance training to the next level. Making it personal, helping people see their part in it is what great content creators do through their story lines and script and is what female voice actor Kim Handysides does in her eLearning narration. Book Kim to make sure your legal and compliance training hits your targets. Or contact her for a quote or custom sample today.


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