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Family friendly commercials are the sweet spot for Kim Handysides. Whether warm and friendly, wry and playful or sincere and poignant, Kim’s round, rich expressive voice over range easily rides the spectrum of ads aimed at or focused on family life. Family is at the heart of Kim’s personal life as it likely is yours, too. It’s where we live and breathe. And makes everything more meaningful.

Family Warmth and Love

Our family ideal is one of love and warmth. Brands and services that work toward that end sit well within this wheelhouse. Perhaps they actually help us connect, like communication devices, games or recreational activities. Perhaps they give us more time for each other or take care of worries or discomforts and so win a trusted place within the family fabric. A female voice over to best serve messages within that ideal will be layered. There will be warmth and real love, but it may be served with a dollop of humor, soft sweetness or a small slice of sass.

Finding Heart In the Chaos

Family life isn’t all hearts and flowers. Sometimes it’s calamity and pandemonium. Messes and tears. Commercials that align messages with these aspects of family life focus on offering solutions in our darkest or craziest hours. Unfolding the family friendly commercial story this way taps into our essence. Sometimes with sentiment. Sometimes with humor. Kids are equal measures of both and engender myriad emotions. We love them, worry about them, fuss over them and share with them. They entertain us, make us proud, drive us a little crazy and enrich our loves in ways we never imagined possible. Kim’s down-to-earth tone and wink-of-the-eye delivery make a perfect audio frame for family commercials that embrace the heart in the chaos.

Inspirational Moments among Family

Ads that center messages around inspirational moments found in family life remind us of where our motivation is rooted. In the inclination to do good. To be a better person. To help others. The origin of so much of these inspirational drivers lie in our connection to family members. Motivators that can be good or not good. But motivators which ultimately compel us to act. Hopefully in ways for the better. Voice over in inspirational ads requires a very grounded performance for the voice over artist. Something simple and real. An ability to connect with the deeper meaning written between the lines of the commercial and the ability to offer that insight to audiences with sincerity.

Empty Nesters and Grandparents

When the kids that completely took over your life finally leave your doorstep, some parents struggle to fill the gaping chasm left in the wake of their absence. Others embrace it. Ads geared toward empty nesters and grandparents resonate with the ups and downs of the later years of family life. Voiceover artists working on ads in this messaging realm need to be sensitive to this and approach the work with the full range of wisdom and joy it demands.

Whether you need a female voiceover artist to portray the mom, the best friend, the girl next-door, or the all knowing, or humble narrator, Kim can help. She has voiced thousands of family oriented commercials. Ads that bring family together, invite them to activities, feed, clean, clothe or keep them healthy.  Her ability to connect to them will happily link your brand messaging to your product or service family ideals as well.

Family Friendly Commercials

Voiceover for Commercials for Family Activities

High energy and fun, family activity ads rouse all ages to head to the zoo, the science museum, summer camp or the community Easter egg hunt. Disney or Dollywood. A national park or the local min putt. Crafts, clubs, and vacations. Sometimes you need a voice that really speaks to the kids, like in the National Air & Space Museum Kim voiced above. Other times your voice over narrator speaks directly to Mom and Dad who organize the family plans, like in her Club Med video. Sometimes the family-oriented ad takes a wry look at the sweet and crazy things we do with or for each other. The voice over ties that all together.

Voiceover for Commercials for Family Products

The other kind of ad involving the ones we love and live with are family product commercials. Ads where the focus is getting the family to the dinner table, and making sure they eat nutritious food that will make them grow strong. Sometimes the story is as simple as clean clothes and laundry duties. Sometimes it’s a focus on a big ticket item like a larger car or real estate. Some place to put all those kids. And dress it with furniture and electronics on the inside. Pools, decks and playgrounds on the outside.

Your voice over in this market is most often heart-warming and friendly. Wholesome and loving. Approachable and authentic, female voice over artist Kim Handysides helps tie your family-oriented story to the hearts and minds of kids and parents alike.

Need a strategy that targets this demographic? Checkout the videos above or click left on BB Changed Saturday or Bathtime for Kids and other samples for downloadable samples of Kim’s family-oriented commercials.


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