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A voice that’s always conversational, confident, credible
My mission as a professional female voice over artist is to inspire others through telling stories powerfully and effectively. Storytelling is the heart of all great communications. Whether that story is wrapped in a 6 second internet commercial or a 9 hour audiobook, my job is to move your audience, entertain, enhance their retention of your key information and possibly change their behavior. I do this through the artful craft of voice acting and narration. Chosen by the best creatives to tell TV, radio and web messages, to move people to action in business videos, to awaken minds in eLearning programs or entertain through animation, Virtual Reality, and gaming. Looking for a talented female voice actor you can count on to nail your narration right out of the gate? Thousands count on Kim Handysides as their go-to female voice over artist. Contact Kim for a custom audition or a quote for your project.


What to say about Kim Handysides in 2 words? She’s a talented storyteller. Inspired by a lifelong love of story, Kim uses this love to breathe life into the voice over of every commercial, corporate video, eLearning program, audiobook, game and app she narrates. She draws on a varied background of acting and practical work in theatre, radio, film and television to shape her performances. Her impressive range of expression and believability helped clients win over a dozen Clios in advertising, three dozen Communicator Awards for eLearning excellence and two nominations for a Lions and a Golden Palm at Cannes. Along with a plethora of VO for hundreds of Fortune 500 corporations, Kim has narrated several TV series and documentaries, including the iMax film Touch the Stars and Occult Crimes on Netflix.


Clients call voice over artist Kim Handysides a pro’s pro. So much rides on the success of your video project. And your choice of narration is critical. The ideal voice over reflects your brand, ferries your message to your potential client and tells your tale with flavor and depth. The wrong voiceover is at best, a missed opportunity. Leaving the listener feeling empty or not solidly connecting with you, like you hoped. At worst, it can negatively impact your brand.

Kim takes great care with every voice over script sent her way, absorbing your vision for the project, breaking the text down into essentials, applying her vocal craft, deftly ensuring the words resonate with your target audience, imbuing the message with heart and depth. Literally thousands of creatives and producers have entrusted Kim to tell their stories, deliver their messages and engage the hearts and minds of their customers or listeners.

Happily, video and audio are pervasive in the 21st century, on the internet and all our social platforms. Advances in audio technology both in price and portability have opened the flood gates to voice over work. However, not everyone who’s posted a shingle on the web is adept at voice acting. Kim helps remedy this situation by offering voice over training. As a voice coach, she has helped thousands understand what is involved in voice acting and offered strong practical skills to polish and improve their craft.


Kim’s main line of work is voice acting, but over the years she has also written, managed projects and produced the audio aspects of many projects. She can happily provide the following ancillary services:

Copy editing
Adding music
Adding sound effects
Casting multiple voice projects
Managing multiple voice projects
Casting voice over in various languages
Producing (commercials, phone services, audiobooks)
Audio Editing
Guest blogging



  • Non-Profit
  • Explainer Videos
  • Government
  • Imaging / Radio
  • Impersonations
  • Infomercials
  • Internet & Web
  • Kids
  • Medical Narration
  • Narration


Kim was professional, fast, and has a great voice! Gave us everything we needed. Highly recommended!

Alex Gelbert
Let There Be, Boulder CO

Kim is awesome. Great sound, super fast and very easy to work with!

Andrew Vincent
Spruce Creative, Ottawa, Ontario

Kim's VO was exactly what we were looking for. She was very flexible and able to turn the file over very quickly. She even completed last minute edits for us within hours! She was fantastic to work with. Thank you, Kim!!

Anna Chambers
Zimmer Biomet, Warsaw, IN

Quick delivery, fast communication and very good results. Happy client!

Basiel Jasper
Ranj Serious Games, Rotterdam, NL

Great working with Kim for our explainer video. Very easy to work with and provided revisions quickly. Recommended.

Caleb Germany
Created by Agent, Dallas, TX

Kim did an outstanding job with your project and I would highly recommend her. A wonderful human quality and a consummate professional!

Charles Choyce
Independent filmmaker, MD

Thank you Kim, for working with us on making this spot what it is - without your voice it would have been lost. Thank you!!

Chris Lang
LNG Creative, El Paso, Texas

Kim is a total pro. Great instincts, great at taking direction. Very impressed with her nuanced performance. Looking forward to working together again!

Colin Levy
Pixar Animation, Emeryville, CA

Our first time working together but not our last. She's so good at what she does there were literally no revisions from me or my client and that is a rarity.

Dan Nelken
The Goat Farm, Vancouver, BC

Excellent Work, did the voice as described and in a very timely manner. I would definitely work with Kim again.

Dominic Chiudioni
Pixo Entertainment, Oakland, MI

Kim did awesome! Extremely prompt, excellent recording quality, and MOST importantly she really understood the nuance of the boring ordinary sales training video, and used her skill to bring this character to life. GREAT acting skills and instincts! A+++

Greg Simms
Manna Productions, Miami FLA

Quick, sharp audition, great communication, and a stellar final project. Will happily work with Kim again any time.

Gwynn Kirk
eTrove, Vancouver BC

Kim did a wonderful job on this project. She has a fantastic range and creative insight.

Jeff Swartz
Ethic Advertising, Pittsburgh, PA

Kim was great - she met our deadline and give us exactly the right mix of Medical and Educational voice we were looking for. She was also very responsive to my questions! Wonderful to work with - quality work in a very timely manner.

Jennifer Pohlhaus
Ripple Effect, Rockville, MD

Great tone and professional delivery. Perfect for our B2B productions. I'm glad to have found Kim. Reliable, fast and terrific customer service.

Logan Bean
Fresh Consulting, Bellevue, WA

I have worked with Kim on dozens of eLearning modules in the medical and scientific spheres over the past few years, and each time am impressed by her care and attention to detail, her deep knowledge of the subject area, and the high quality of her recordings. Kim obviously works very hard to stay on the leading edge of her craft, and I enthusiastically recommend her talents to my colleagues for their own projects. I look forward to working with her again in the future!

Marc Rowley
IC Axon, Montreal Canada

Kim was just awesome to deal with. Anytime again. Great job, love your work

Marco Siraky
Content Boutique, Auckland CA

From the first phone call I had with Kim, I knew she was the perfect e-learning coach for me. She immediately put me at ease with her down to earth personality. Through her coaching sessions, she was able to tap into characteristics I never thought I had. She honed in on how to bring a tedious script to life. She was encouraging (even when I messed up royally). She helped broaden my skills as a voice talent. And, we had lots of fun working together. I give Kim Handysides “5 Stars” as a coach and all around terrific lady. Thanks, Kim.

Marie Hoffman
Voice Talent

I had such a great experience working with Kim Handysides! She is a great coach. She offers amazing advice and guidance while in studio. She really made me comfortable during the session which allowed me to express who I really am as a voice actor. I will definitely work with her in the future for further coaching on different projects. Thank you for all your help!

Melody Trueheart
Voice Talent

It was great working with Kim, she turned around the project on time and nailed every take. My client couldn't be happier!

Michael Flannery
Jumping Giant, New York NY

A true professional. Amazing work, quick turnaround time. Voice was a perfect fit for our needs and the image we would like to project. Would definitely reach out to her again, highly recommended for any work.

Michael McCarthy
Novartis, Morris Plains, NJ

Kim is amazing to work with. She's super fast at getting takes to us and we have used her multiple years in a row on a specific project. Would definitely use her again.

Michael Viele
Axion Media Lab, RI

Kim did great work on a short deadline. Very professional. I would highly recommend her.

Mike Clements
Mike Clements Design, Temecula, CA

Great time working with Kim. She has a great voice and is very professional. All the process was very easy and the result was great. Looking forward to working again with her in the future.

Mowe Studio
Rio Des Jinero, Brazil

Kim is a consummate professional. We called into her studio with the client, and she was generously accommodating of our arriving late to the meeting. Plus, she has a great voice! We'll be working with her again for sure.

Nathan Buchanan
Impatient Cow Productions, Salt Lake City, UT

Kim's work reflects her versatility and talent. She's able to represent a wide variety of tones, delivering a high quality content in a short time. Besides being an exceptional voice artist, Kim is caring and proactive, presenting not only the best results, but also personality to the tasks she performs.
Couldn't be more pleased to meet such artist. ♥

Patrick Arozi
Hype, Brazil

Kim is EXCELLENT at her craft. She recorded two variations of the script, each of which had a different tonality and energy. She was very easy to work with, and went a step beyond to get me the VO within 12 hours, so that my production schedule didn't get slowed down. Kim is 100% perfect. She is a highly capable professional with many, many voices. She is easily directed to get exactly what you are looking for. Book Kim!

Patrick Leddy
Rising Tide, Wyoming

Kim was a pleasure to work with, provided quick turnaround and delivered top quality. As a producer, that's all I ask for. Would enjoy working with her again!

Ramblin Jackson
Boulder CO

Fantastic! Very patient with our client And a wonderful read!

Ricardo Manavello
Artex Productions, Miami, FLA

I had the pleasure of working with Kim on one of my very challenging projects. Kim is excellent at what she does and her professionalism is exemplary. She is very responsive and one can depend on her to get the job done! As a narrator she understands what the customer needs, as a result her work is flawless. It was a wonderful experience working with her and I am positive that she will be an asset to any team that she is a part of. I wish her all the very best and hope to work with her in the future.

Rohit Fernandes
Pulse Learning, UK

Kim Handysides is a fantastic coach. I worked with her in four to five sessions and was able to gain the knowledge to book some amazing gigs!

Samuel Fleming

Kim was incredibly helpful and supportive of my project. She adjusted based on feedback and was very interactive in the process. I highly recommend Kim!

Scott Moore
YU, Toronto, ON

Kim is a true professional through-and-through - her voice lends superb value to the scripts that she reads - nailed it first shot out of the gate. Thanks so much Kim!

Seth Redlus
Indie, East Hampton, NY

Excellent job. Quick. Professional. Responsive to revision requests. LOVE her voice. Kim was able to match appropriate tone, energy and pacing to my project. I'm very happy!

Sheila Nykwist
New Media Branch, AB

Great job, Kim. Very quick response and client was very satisfied. Followed direction perfectly. Would use you again. Many thanks!

Tim Angevine
Koolflix, Greenville, NC

Quick, easy to work with, with a great read. Our new animated explainer video sounds great thanks to Kim!

Tim McLain


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