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      Now when you Purchase

      It's Not a Diet

      Sizzling Steaks

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      BB Changed Saturday

      Bathtime for Kids

      Customer Loyalty

      Poor Jane

      Territory Management is Fun

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      Water Instructional Sincere

      Time Friendly Conversational

      Stanford Professional Sincere

      Tech Quirky Engaging

      Pharma Professional Medical

      Mining Serious Deep

      CTScanning Medical Narrator

      Accessibility College Course

      Med Attractive Sophisticated

      Med Articulate Believable

      Med Narrator Teacher

      Med Calm Knowledgeable

      Med Warm Conversational

      Med Friendly Informative

      Med Engaging Confident

      Med Smooth Authoritative

      Med Natural Trustworthy

      Med Serious Mature

      Med Upbeat Friendly

      Greater Good Professional Conv

      You Need Help Genuine Believab

      Poor Jenny Conversational Amusing

      A Better Way Natural Low key

      Watson Storyteller Natural










      Oldschool Dramatic

      Zombie Brooding Creepy

      Patient Authentic Sad Uncomfortable

      Warrioress Tough evil powerful

      Deadpan Monotone Humorous

      Jessica Animated Quirky

      Koko Sassy Attitude Urban

      JFK Confident Knowledgeable

      Mongoose Educational Animated

      Israel Smooth Professional

      Enola Gay Serious Ominous

      Mansfield Health Professional

      Novartis Corporate Mature

      Virgin Friendly Upbeat

      IHOP Warm Natural

      ACS Sincere Smooth

      HP Sophisticated

      G3Passport Deep Calming

      Graveyard Suspense thriller

      Children's Traditional

      No Werewolves Romance characters

      Multiple Voices British Excerpt

      Young Adult Fun Fresh

      Paranormal Dramatic Dark

      Contemporary Edgy Serious

      Romance Warm Down to Earth

      Medieval Gravitas

      Noble's Friendly Warm Happy

      Jamaica Calm smooth

      Woodson's Natural Classy

      Greystone Strong Positive

      RoseMark PBS Friendly Corporate

      Baton Rouge warm friendly classy

      French Spanish German in same ad

      Character Announcer in same ad

      Audi natural conversational

      Cool Whip smooth & saucy

      Mateus Rose energy fun youthful

      Bell deadpan AI tongue in cheek

      Min of Finance authoritative natural

      Via Rail informative business

      Gov of Quebec corporate


These voice over demos give you an idea of voice over jobs Kim has done for others. A prolific voice actress, this is just a smattering of Kim’s body of work as a narrator and talent. If you’re looking for a voice actor with versatility, who can assess your needs quickly and accurately, count on Kim. From authentic narration for corporate or explainers, to web, television and radio commercials; from character voices for animation and eLearning to voice prompts for radio imaging, and phone, this professional voice over artist is sure to please.

Often voice artists create demos of work they would like to book, rather than work they have done. Sometimes this can be misleading to the producer who wants to book the talent. The producer may wonder whether the voice over actor will be able to reproduce the same quality of performance and audio quality on the voice over demo submitted. 80% of the voice over demos on Kim’s site are from work she has been hired and paid for. 70% of it is work she has produced on her own home studio. The level of quality, creativity and professionalism you hear in Kim’s voice over demos is what you will get.

Browse these voice over examples. They are downloadable and are tagged or titled with the appropriate delivery style, tone and genre. Or if you’d like Kim to record a custom voice over sample of your project, please contact her directly and she’d be happy to send you a personalized voice demo.

Voice Over Videos


Kim’s voice over equipment is housed in a broadcast quality sound booth built on her own premises. Within her sound studio, she delivers high quality voice over recordings to clients around the world. Fully equipped with professional grade connection options where she can record in her studio or you can capture and record her in your remotely, she delivers quick turn-around times of 24 hours or less. Files from live directed sessions are returned in less than 2 hours. “Rush” projects can be delivered in 4-6 hours. Her studio includes:

2 Whisperrooms
Sennheiser MK416 microphone
2 Neumann TM 103 mics
RODE broadcaster mic
Scarlett Focusrite soundcard
Twisted Wave
Macbook Pro
Auralex mudguard

Connect with Kim via ISDN, SourceConnect, Phone Patch or Skype.


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