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Kim Handysides | Corporate eLearning Voiceovers

Female voice over artist Kim Handysides has been trusted by hundreds of businesses to record thousands of corporate eLearning programs. Her narration experience, training and expertise help ensure your listeners get your message and succeed in your programs whether the goal is changing behavior or acquiring new skills. Corporate eLearning ensures that those within the organization are on the same page when it comes to conduct, knowledge and skills. Less expensive than conferences and workshops, more convenient, scalable in terms of time and just as effective, eLearning has taken over the majority of the transfer of knowledge within corporations.

Learning focuses on need-to-know practical data such as compliance, insurance, policy on sexual harassment and time keeping for billing and other purposes. These practical issues are centered on organization rather than individual benefits. Individual learning within the corporation is geared toward advancing skills to climb within the company.

Corporate mobile learning is growing in user popularity and not just with millennials. eLearning and training accessible on mobile devices afford convenience and utility and feedback and analytics are quick and easy to gather. Digital learning is an environment well suited to microlearning. Podcasts are another way to keep employees up-to-date with trends and gain quick insight on the go.

Human Resources and the onboarding process is historically where corporate eLearning shines. A well implemented eLearning program can bring promptly bring the new employee up to speed on a myriad of ins and outs, and simultaneously impart corporate culture.

Game-based learning with scoreboards, avatars, levels and points tie into our desire to upgrade skills and our goal-oriented behavior. The objective is to make learning accessible and tailored to corporate learners. Corporations know the benefit of training their employees feed back into the company as a whole, benefiting all.

Kim Handysides is a go-to voice over actor for corporate narration. With a wide range of delivery styles, an acting background and over two decades of experience making good on her promise of high-quality exceptional performance, she would be happy to join forces and make your messages and learning programs resonate soundly for employees within your corporation.


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