Script Timer

There are 2 ways to time your script using the Timer:


By Words:

Either type or copy/paste your text into the field below…then enter the corresponding number for the style of the read (ie. Dramatic, Causal, Quick, Fast) into the Spoken Words/Second box. The time of your script will be instantly calculated to the right.



Click the Stopwatch button to make the Start button appear. Run the stopwatch and read along. Click stop when you're done.

Edit your script until it meets your timing requirements, add a title and then click ‘Print’ to print a final version of your text.

Spoken Words/Second

  • Dramatic 1 word/s
  • Casual 2.5 word/s
  • Quick 3 word/s
  • Fast 4 word/s

0 word(s)/second


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