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Kim Handysides | Medical eLearning Voiceovers

Great narration for medical eLearning requires a voice artist with a passion for the life sciences, a nuanced delivery and a strong comfort level with the vocabulary and turn of phrases with which professionals in the field are familiar. For over twenty years, Kim Handysides has narrated medical eLearning modules, programs and podcasts weekly, for top pharma companies, health insurance agencies, continuing medical education content creators and more.

To keep health care professionals engaged, you need someone who speaks to them like a peer. Someone clear and confident who can parlay complex material like clinical trial results, intricate surgical techniques or product monographs or ISIs in a credible conversational way. As well as Kim’s extensive experience narrating medical eLearning and her formal training in acting and broadcasting, she has a strong affinity for anything in the realm of biology, psychology and pharmacology.

From university and college courses to continuing medical education to primers for pharmaceutical sales reps to equipment instructions, your professional medical eLearning narrator needs to keep the audience engaged, and accurately transfer knowledge seamlessly. A pleasant timbre, connection and understanding of the material and the ability to keep the listener engaged, is what you get when hiring female voice over artist Kim Handysides. Does she have a BSc? Not officially. But between the thousands of hours of medical programs she’s narrated and her quasi-eidetic memory, more than one of her most faithful clients say, “Your medical background makes your narrations sound authentic, Kim.”

Empathy with the learner is another aspect which elevates the quality of medical narration whether that learner is a nurse, doctor, sales rep, surgeon or patient. Some medical eLearning is patient-focused. Teaching the newly diagnosed about their drug protocols, informing clinical trial participants about what they are undertaking, or helping people make health insurance choices or claims. Medical narration geared toward the lay audience still involves confidence and credibility in the read but is often more natural. As in all forms of voice over narration, the content dictates the tone, pacing and delivery style.

If you have a medical animation, narration or eLearning program that needs a great voice over, book Kim today. Or contact her for a quote or a custom sample.


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