Academic eLearning Voice Over

Academic eLearning Voice Over

The primary goal of academic eLearning is the transfer of knowledge. To do that effectively, the narrator not only must sound like a subject matter expert but must be adept at the most effective ways of transmitting that information. Instructional designers and educators alike are well aware that cognition is heightened through emotional engagement, meaning students learn best when they connect with the material. Who better to optimize the possibility that connection becomes solid, than a professional narrator?

Hundreds of schools have entrusted female voice artist Kim Handysides to capture student attention, maintain interest and move learners toward success. Working directly with colleges, she has narrated courses for McGill, Stanford, and Columbia; Ohio State, Colorado State and SUNY; Concordia, Brock and the University of Phoenix, and many others.

Professors and schools see value in offering students the convenient of taking online classes when and where they want. To ensure an excellent learning experience, more and more academics hire out the narration of their courses to professional voice over artists. They recognize there is a difference between lecturing to medium sized or large groups and presenting material one on one electronically. Voice over narrators offer superior audio quality that keeps students focused on the material and not distracted by inferior sound. These professionals do nothing else all day but voice work and have been trained and are experienced in keeping a tight connection with listeners.

University & College Courses

According to a survey from Babson Research Group about one third of college students take online courses and that number is growing. Online courses are not only cost-effective and convenient, a well-designed can be easier on both prof and student. Kim Handysides has narrated university courses on instructional design, American history, nutrition, communications theory, English literature, psychology, biology, art history, neurology, gaming theory, architecture and business. She has also voiced courses for faculty and students on within-school issues like safety, accessibility and sexual harassment. This year she voiced one of the first of a new kind of academic education tool, an online animated textbook, called “Smart Biology.”

Help for Teachers

Primary and secondary school teachers alike use curated content to help enhance their lessons. Kim Handysides has voiced multiple lessons for K-12 in (almost) every subject. Whether the video is animated or live action, targeted to younger grades, middle school or high school, Kim finds the perfect delivery to accompany the themed material and make the most out of your educational tools.

English as a Second Language

ESL or English as a Second Language takes a special type of voice over delivery. Clear and slow enough to be understood, but smooth enough to still approximate natural speech, Kim Handysides has been narrating course for ESL for over 25 years. Whether long form lessons embedded in videos, podcasted or audio-only material, or for mobile use in online apps, Kim can supply you with excellent ESL narration for any age and language level.

Contact Kim to book her for your next academic eLearning project or ask her for a quote or a custom sample. Academic eLearning is one of her specialities.


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