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Kim Handysides | Government eLearning Voice Over

Governments increasingly use eLearning programs for training and communications, both internal and public facing. Courses are created to roll out new programs, give insight into software, outline best practices, and offer how it works videos and lessons. Municipal, state, provincial, or federal level, creators of eLearning content have to balance budgets with meeting goals and KPIs of programs produced. Recognizing the value an experienced, talented voice over artist can bring to the narration increases the chance of eLearning program success whether the goal is transfer of knowledge or behavior change.

Female narrator Kim Handysides has been chosen time and again to help various government level eLearning programs resonate with learners. Trained in theatre and broadcasting, with decades of practical narration experience, Kim has voiced government eLearning programs in public health, defense, taxation, natural resources, environmental protection, foreign affairs, elections, postal services, coast guard, border services, transportation, planning services, education and immigration. All of these areas

Voice work for international governmental agencies takes a sophisticated approach and often a facility with accents and even the ability to perform an international accent – one where it sounds like the English speaker has lived in multiple countries and they have a blended accent. Kim has performed multiple international eLearning programs for governmental bodies like UNICEF, the United Nations, NATO, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

An important aspect content creators may consider in looking for voice actors for government eLearning narration is security. Many programs require NDAs (Non-disclosure agreements). Others may involve background checks. Kim has met successfully met criteria any agency has required to operate within systems.

Hiring an excellent voice actor for government eLearning also ensures avoiding text and next syndrome. A quality professional narrator knows how to enliven dry material, injects appropriate enthusiasm and can make messages matter and resonate with learners. Dozens of government agencies, and bespoke content creators who prepare material on their behalves have hired Kim Handysides to narrate their government eLearning programs. Contact Kim today to talk about your next project or to get a quote or a custom sample.


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