Explainer Demos

Have you noticed? Explainer videos have taken over the internet.

Where ten years ago every business suddenly needed a website, now every business wants a video explaining what they do & who they are on their website. Hundreds of companies have chosen voiceover artist Kim Handysides to convey their branded message.

Explainers are short, snappy often fun 1-3 minute snippets that explain something about a product or service or what a business does. Mini-stories with video or animated with colorful characters or unfolded before your eyes drawn on a whiteboard. The voiceover is conversational, chatty, and informally breaks down the complex into bite sized digestible chunks.

Why so popular? They’re affordable, effective and help your company get noticed. Just like the services of Kim Handysides, as a matter of fact. Pair your explainer with Kim’s voice and you’ve got a winning combination.

From financial services and the latest tech products to education and health products, click Kim’s explainer videos to see how her voiceovers range from quirky to warm to low-key or girl-next-door.


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