Ancillary Services

Ancillary Voice Over Services


Kim provides the following ancillary-services.

Audio Production

Second only to the voice over itself, Kim Handysides specializes in audio production services. Need music, or sound effects for your audio or video? Kim has a huge bank of both and can sync her voiceover or a group voice over to a music bed and punctuate your soundscape with appropriate sound effects. For short jobs, she does it herself. A former  radio and sound producer, these services are right in Kim’s wheelhouse. Everything Kim produces is broadcast quality. However, if your needs are more complex, she’ll bring in one of her audio engineer colleagues on your project.


Though not a full time casting company, Kim is extremely well-connected in the voice over world, and her close network of talented colleagues numbers in the hundreds. Her extended network, in the thousands. Need a male counterpart to Kim’s female voice over narration? Multiple characters? Different accents? Different languages? Just ask, and she’ll be happy to recommend one or many options. Recent casting projects include over 100 voices (American and British, male and female) for an AI project for HuaWei, a multi-lingual eLearning program for the United Nations, finding child voice actors for and ESL (English as a Second Language) course and a multi-racial cast of 10 voice over artists for a podcast for Johns Hopkins. The casting rate is 15% over and above the talent fees.

Project Coordination

As well as casting talent, Kim is adept at co-ordinating projects whether that involves multiple voice overs or the whole audio mix/soundscape for your project. Tell her what you want (i.e. characters, announcer or narrator) whether you need music or sound effects and send her your script. She can co-ordinate the whole project. Co-ordinate with selected talent, give direction, manage sound files and any pickups. Sub-contract audio production. Depending on the size of the project, co-ordination (includes casting) fee is 20-25% over and above talent fees.


Kim also offers copyediting services. Along her long tenure as a voice over artist, she has been a professional copywriter, news writer, and scriptwriter. Adept at both print and broadcast, she can take dry verse and turn it into a powerful script. Perhaps you’re working from a translated script that doesn’t quite cut it in English. Kim can take care of that too. She recently copyedited an entire season for a TV series on Netflix. Other recent copyedit clients include HuaWei, KFC, Yves Rocher and Luxottica.


Speaking at conferences and events is a natural evolution for someone who speaks for a living. A workshop leader for schools, businesses and organizations, Kim began working as a speaker and MC for local events and has branched out internationally. Stand-up comedy stints and improv practice have honed her timing. Storytelling and acting skills help her engage and enthrall. Not afraid to be vulnerable, yet strongly confident to keep an audience at ease, Kim designs and delivers speeches to meet your needs. She has spoken at multiple lunch and learns and conferences and would be happy to work with you.

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