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Commercial Voice Over

Ask Kim Handysides what her favorite acting genre is and she’ll say commercial voice over. Even as a child her favorite game (one she created and shared with all her friends) was “act out the commercial.” Studying ads and the sounds heard in them, she understands the super power of the 30 or even 6 second commercial story impactfully told through image and sound that resonates with consumers. It’s the “Hello Ladies” Old Spice ad or the “Zoom, zoom” of the Mazda spots. The simple anthemic understatement of “chairs are like facebook” and the warm reassurance of “we stand for broccoli.” It’s a buzz phrase delivered engagingly that seeps into your psyche and stays with you for years. For over two decades Kim has helped thousands of brands reach their target audience through radio, web and TV commercials.

Voice Over in Advertising

Voice over use in advertising has evolved much like our taste in all media has expanded and developed. Voice over can be used to deliver key messages, brand statements, CTAs (call to action), slogans, tags and legals (those sped-up lines at the ends of commercials). Studies show that ads with voice over consistently score higher with focus groups and audiences than those with no voice over. Voice over helps ads convey new information, lend credibility, be more relevant and persuasive. Ads are supremely effective when they both show and tell the message and story they want consumers to take away.

Voice Over Supports Ad Visuals

The best use of voice over in ads is an approach which supports and complements the visual content. Another way of looking at it, is to think of the visuals dramatizing the voice over message. It’s like show and tell. When audiences both see and hear the message, the commercial is much more successful in achieving its goal.

Your Female Voice Over Talent

As a sought-after female voice over talent, Kim’s services help brand radio, internet and TV spots, from banks and insurance, to orange juice and cereal, from soap and cleaning services, to vacation destinations and restaurants, from real estate and medical products, to automotive and phone services. A highly trained commercial voice over talent like Kim, makes the audience focus on and remember your message and helps conversion of brand loyal customers.

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