How to Find Voice Over Talent You’ll Love: Voiceover.Biz

Kim Handysides How to Find Voice Over Talent You'll Love: VoiceoverBiz.Com


The online world cracked opened immense possibilities for working with industry pros in a non-geographic specific way. It’s also made it difficult to sift through the ocean of dust to find your diamonds. That’s what makes so special. Looking for a quick, easy way how to find awesome, vetted voiceover talent? You’ll love it.


Voiceover.Biz is the directory arm of WoVO. No, not the Volcano people, the non-profit freelance voice over actors’ association, World-Voices Organization, Inc.


The cool thing about the talent on this site is that to be listed, the voice over people must be professionals with their own private studios and are vetted by existing pro’s. Voice actors here have undergone a rigorous peer review process.


And generally, so has the quality of the audio they send you. The voice actor’s demos will give you a smattering of the sound quality they are able to provide, but better than that, WoVO has a Technical Standards Committee made of sound engineers, producers and established voiceover talent that offer members a voice booth certification process for quality and clarity, that ensures members send out only the best quality sound.


How to Find Voice Over Talent You'll Love: VoiceoverBiz.Com


You don’t have to pay anything to access them. There is no middleman. You can contact the talent directly. In most cases (like over 99% of the time) the pro’s on this site will be happy to give you a custom audition for your project. Your communication and negotiations are private.


In terms of rates, and in the interest of maintain the professional rates of the high quality of voiceover artists allowed on the site, projects proposed on must meet a minimum budget of $250 (US) for narration and be of fair market rate for broadcast (TV/radio vis a vis media buy and cycle length). Most talent listed here use the GVAA rate guide as a benchmark for what they charge.


Looking for Union voices? A great percentage of the talent are Union affiliates. Pretty much all those on will also work non-union (either converting the work through a Paymaster, to guard their status) or are fi-core, which means they can work both sides of the fence.


How to Find Voice Over Talent You'll Love: VoiceoverBiz.Com


Search capabilities on the voice talent on the site, are by genre (audiobooks, animation-anime, business narration-industrial-corporate, commercials-TV-Radio-Web, documentary, eLearning, medical narration, explainer videos-mobile apps-websites, political spots, telephony-IVR-On hold-voicemail, trailer-promo-imaging, or video games. You can search by name, gender, languages performed, accents, or delivery methods.


I’m a female voice over artist inviting you to check out. Let me know if you think they live up to their claim, that they are “better than a voiceover casting site.”


  1. lorilee holloway 3 years ago

    hi as a voice over actor-how could i be involved

    • Author
      Kim Handysides 3 years ago

      Hi Lorilee! Join wo-vo and upload your demos to 🙂

  2. Diana 3 years ago

    It is truly better than a casting site. The best out there, don’t you think?

  3. Michell Blenker 3 years ago

    Wonderful wonderful Kim! I too am a vetted WoVo talent! Glad to see them getting this press for the good work that they continue to do to elevate our profession and the talent ranks!

  4. Angel Morato 3 months ago

    This website is very interesting for voice over talents. I am a Spanish voice over and musician. Thanks.

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