Top 10 Voiceover Blogs to Follow – Marc Scott

Top 10 Voiceover Blogs to Follow

Voiceover is an incredibly fun, but labor intensive profession. People who think it’s easy to “get in” and easy to build a business as a voice over artist are misinformed. But, learning from others who are doing well in the the voice arts is a great way to learn more and stay abreast of what works and what doesn’t. I regularly check out blogs of some of the cream of the crop in our industry. Now anyone can talk can blog, but not everyone creates insightful content worthy of my (or your) time. Earlier this year,  I began my Top Ten Voiceover Blogs to Follow list and released interviews with people on the list.

Released in alphabetical order, we’ve so far heard from J Michael Collins, Dave Courvoisier, Bill DeWees, Anne Ganguzza, Debbie Grattan, Paul Strikwerda and Laura Schreiber. Next on my list is Marc Scott. A terrific guy (he’s a volunteer firefighter, people – truly Marc is salt of the earth), an inveterate marketing man and a solid voiceover talent, Marc is a busy guy who blogs, vlogs and podcasts now too. Chock full of tips on how to handle the business end of your solopreneurship, Marc is also a coach and a source of inspiration for a good work-life balance.


Voice Over Artist Marc Scott


Voiceover Artist Marc Scott

Marc, why do you blog about voice over?


I started blogging simply to share the lessons I was learning as I was trying to figure out how to grow a sustainable, full-time business. I figured if I was already making all the mistakes and learning all the solutions, maybe the blog would help someone else do the same.


Do you have a theme to your blogs or do you wait for inspiration to strike?

In the beginning, it was all about lessons learned. Eventually the theme became business and marketing, and that’s where I’ve continued to focus my coaching.


What are your favorite kinds of blogs to write about?

It’s got to offer something practical. I want people to walkaway with someone tangible. An action they can take. Something that will produce results.


What kinds of blogs have you noticed get the most attention or feedback?

When I was giving advice that made a difference in a business practice, people always responded to those. People want information that they can use.


(Do you have anything (else) you’d like us to know about your blog in particular or your (philosophy and) approach to the industry?

As I’ve evolved and the world has evolved, I’ve actually moved away from traditional blogging and more into the podcast realm. I noticed a shift in my blog about a year ago. People were spending a lot less time reading my blogs and a lot more time watching the video content I shared. It was easier. That turned into a decision to focus efforts towards a podcast which is content that can be consumed nearly anywhere… from the office to the gym to the commute home from work. The numbers on my podcast far outweigh the numbers I was seeing on my blog last year.



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