Top Ten Voice Over Blogs to Follow – Laura Schreiber

Top 10 Voiceover Blogs to Follow

Running your own business as a voice over artist means taking care of your craft, your equipment, your marketing, your finances and staying on top of industry trends. Learning from others who are doing well in the the voice arts is a great way to stay abreast of what works and what doesn’t. I regularly check out blogs of some of the cream of the crop in our industry. Now anyone can talk can blog, but not everyone creates insightful content worthy of my (or your) time. Earlier this year,  I began my Top Ten Voiceover Blogs to Follow list and released interviews with people on the list.

Released in alphabetical order, we’ve so far heard from J Michael Collins, Dave Courvoisier, Bill DeWees, Anne Ganguzza, Debbie Grattan and Paul Strikwerda. Next on my list is the talented Laura Schreiber. Full disclosure, Laura happens to be one of my dearest friends, but she is also a wicked smart, with a generous heart and a delightful sense of humor. She and I often have long discussions about multiple business aspects of the voice over industry and the particular energy it takes to have a successful work-life balance when your sound studio and office are in your house.


Voice Over Artist Laura Schrieber


Voice Artist Laura Schreiber

Laura, why do you blog about voice over?


First, I genuinely want folks to get to know me. Whether they be current clients, potential clients, or industry friends, I wear my heart on my sleeve and want them to know how I tick. Next, I think it is a great way to be part of the dialogue in an industry I am very passionate about. Lastly, sometimes a gal just needs to vent! I have actually never journaled, but I now find my weekly blogs quite cathartic.


Do you have a theme to your blogs or do you wait for inspiration to strike?

Every week is different. Sometimes I am inspired by something that happened on a booking or with a client that week. Sometimes I find inspiration in something that I read in the paper or saw on the news. I, love so many voiceover actors, am in a lot of online Facebook groups. Often something comes up in a chat that will get me thinking as well.


What are your favorite kinds of blogs to write about?

My favorite blogs are the most personal ones which sometimes have little to do with my actual craft, but have a lot to do with why I am the way I am or why I do what I do or about something moving that has happened.


What kinds of blogs have you noticed get the most attention or feedback?

The blogs that get the most feedback are either the ones that stir the pot or the ones that represent something of value to the industry as a whole. My most read and shared blog ever was my “Top Reasons to Avoid Cheap VoiceOver” post. I wrote a blog about business cards called “Voiceover Actors Ideal Business Cards” which I spent so much time fixating on and this blog meant so much to me and it got very little attention.


Do you have anything else you’d like us to know about your blog in particular?

Well, I never thought that I would blog and I have to say that I am really into it now. I particularly love finding images and creating videos for the blog. I was the co-Editor-in-Chief of my high school year book and my weekly search for images gives me the same sense of satisfaction that the yearbook work did with a lot less aggravation! (Sorry Jordy!)




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