Top 10 Voiceover Blogs to Follow – Anne Ganguzza

Top 10 Voice Over Blogs to Follow

Following great voice over bloggers, people who’ve been around the industry for years (this top ten list has a collective 200+ years of experience and wisdom) is an easy way to learn what to do and what not to do to make it as a voice artist.

For insight and advice into the voice over industry there are a few bloggers who dominate. I reached out to my favs. People I follow and consider among the best. I asked them all the same questions and am posting their responses this. Released in alphabetical order, I’ve already mentioned three awesome bloggers. Today we have another. Anne Ganguzza is a force for good in the voiceover industry. An excellent talent in her own right, she also is extremely knowledgeable about marketing and education. Driven, with a heart of gold, you can learn a lot in following Anne.

Voice Over Artist Anne Ganguzza

Voice Actor Anne Ganguzza

Anne Ganguzza is not only a phenomenal blogger, she is a stand-out coach, industry leading demo producer, top voice talent and a great friend. Anne’s sharp head for business and heart of gold drive her several voice over brands, including VO Peeps and VO Boss among others.


Anne, why do you blog about voice over?

I blog about voiceover on my website to connect and engage with my community.  As individual entrepreneurs, it can be a lonely existence never stepping foot out of the booth. Blogging allows a way for me to reach out and connect on a more personal level than just a static website! 


Do you have a theme to your blogs or do you wait for inspiration to strike?

I have multiple brands and manage multiple communities within the industry so I use them as muses (I have lots to talk about!) – I try to rotate between them all.


What are your favorite kinds of blogs to write about?

Anything I am passionate about! My hope is that I can inspire and motivate others to have joy and growth in their careers.  That is where I personally have found the most joy in writing.   Some of my favorite topics are: Entrepreneurship, Anything BOSS 🙂 and VO Technique


What kinds of blogs have you noticed get the most attention or feedback?

I always seem to get the most feedback and comments on blogs that highlight other people’s amazing work, such as my student’s demos or when I blogged about my studio (built by my Daddy!).  I also get a lot of feedback when I am completely vulnerable and transparent with my readers.


Do you have anything (else) you’d like us to know about your blog in particular or your (philosophy and) approach to the industry?

I love to think that I can offer readers a unique perspective on the industry with my corporate and educational background combined with my industry experience and longevity.  I’m happy to share my experiences transparently, especially my failures, as I feel my readers can benefit positively from them (as have I) I am committed to continuing to build a community that can share and grow together!


Oh, and do you have any fav vo bloggers to recommend?

Yes, my list includes: Kim Handysides :), Marc Scott, Paul Strickwerda, J Michael Collins and Dave Courvo


Thanks so much Anne! Personally and professionally, I have incredible admiration for this voiceover industry pro.  If you haven’t explored all of the wonderful advice and insight Anne has to offer yet, do yourself a favor and put that on your To Do list.


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