Behind the Scenes Soda Stream Video Commercial: Scarlett and Me

Is it rare to realize you’ve got a cool behind-the-scenes fact in common with a superstar like Scarlett Johannson? It is for me. And it’s also pretty freaking fun.


In 2014 around Super Bowl Time, Scarlett did her famous and somewhat controversial ad for Soda Stream, the counter top invention that turns ordinary water into soda at home. Here’s her sensational spot:


Just before its release, Scarlett became embroiled in controversy over her endorsement of Soda Stream. Competitors Pepsi and Coke did not like being challenged at the end of the spot. This criticism was looked at dimly, because a lot of people figured the pop powers were suffering from sour grapeseritis. The more political pickle centered around the fact that the otherwise uber awesome product had been criticized by some because it operates a facility in the occupied West Bank territory.


Scarlett became swept up in the controversy because at the time she was an ambassador for Oxfam. Had been since 2005. The global confederate of organizations aimed at eradicating world poverty became a vocal criticizer of Scarlett’s SodaStream endorsement. Their position? The group opposed “all trade” from Israeli settlements which have been deemed illegal by the international community.


Scarlett bowed out of her Oxfam affiliation stating, “Soda Stream is a company that is not only committed to the environment, but to building a bridge to peace between Israel and Palestine, supporting neighbors working alongside each other, receiving equal pay, equal benefits and equal rights.”


At the same time all this was going on, I was approached by Soda Stream Canada to voice their site and internet ads. My spots, while fun, were nowhere near as sensuous or controversial as La Scarlett’s. Here’s mine:

Quelle difference! A completely different campaign Super Bowl, super sensational & super audience vs. internet, family friendly, pretty much Canada-only.


Have you ever been part of an ad campaign, film or event that suddenly turned controversial?



  1. Diana L Birdsall 3 years ago

    Great article Kim, and you did a gorgeous job in your spot. I once did a spot for a Hot Tub company promoting its new product. Unfortunately, the name of the tub was, “Isis”. Just after we had completed the project, the terrorist group, ISIS, exploded onto the world stage in the media. They changed the name of the tub and I recorded the script.

  2. Bill Russell 3 years ago

    No I haven’t, but if given the chance… jump! Especially if I love the product. And, know the reason behind it.

  3. Susan 3 years ago

    Great article Kim!

  4. Michelle Blenker 3 years ago

    I’m not aware of anything I have voiced as having caused “controversy” although on second thought some of the Hollywood News I narrate could in fact be construed as controversial! Thus far though, no hate maill coming my way! Great Blog Kim!

    • Author
      Kim Handysides 3 years ago

      I LOVE your Hollywood News show Michelle. Thanks for your commment <3

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