Voice Over Work for eLearning Courses Promises Steady Income

Narration jobs for eLearning courses are a great source of income for voice over artists looking for steady work. This is no surprise considering that online or distance learning is becoming a mainstream and accepted form of education. People can receive entire degrees from the comfort of their home, and further careers in their field of study.


Voice over actors can benefit from this growing trend in modern education, by bringing their talent to course curriculums. If you’re considering a career in voice acting, or you’re thinking about adding eLearning to your voice actor’s toolkit, here are a few reasons to take advantage of this steady demand.


Factor in the Student’s Education & Learn Something New Yourself

The beauty of eLearning is that it’s in a—wait for it—learning environment. Your audience isn’t a consumer, but a student. Your voice over work helps inform, underline, and focus on important topics and highlight the most relevant bits while guiding the student through their course material. Your voice acts as the timekeeper and sets the pace for the curriculum. You are partly responsible for teaching the pupil and ensuring they retain the subject matter (no pressure!).


Super cool bonus point: you learn something along the way, too; as voice over artists follow the course work right alongside the student, receiving an education is a pleasant perk.

Follow the Money

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Ever since the invention of radio, voice over actors have been in business. Our profession evolves with technology. From radio to television to the web, our livelihood depends on communications technology, which reaches audiences best with a human touch. ELearning represents an expanding vehicle for voice over actors. Radio may have dominated the first half of the 20th century, but in this era digital forms of entertainment and education prevail. It only makes sense to hop on board this vehicle and follow the technology wherever it goes —keeping in mind, how much it is enhanced when given a human touch via your voice.

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