Experienced & Professional e Learning Voice Over Talent

A veteran eLearning narrator, Kim has a keen interest in eLearning projects. Born of educators (and a teacher herself) she is passionate about education and its varied platforms for all age groups. She strongly identifies with her role as the conduit between the instructional designer and creator of eLearning programs and the learner. Her friendly, authoritative, engaging tone is ideal for making technical and often dense material palpable.

eLearning Voice Over Jobs

Kim’s eLearning experience spans over hundreds of projects in:

  • Compliance, legal and human resources
  • medical and pharmaceutical reprints and courses
  • College and university courses
  • Software, product, and sales training

eLearning Strategies

To help increase learner retention, narrating eLearning material requires awareness and a strategy. Who are the target learners? What are their learning goals? For years, Kim has used these following practices to engage her clients’ audience, and tie together all other program elements with a clear, precise, and very relatable tone.

Pacing and Tone

In a voice over for a learning program, coherent messages are relayed successfully through a steady, present tone, gradual enough to allow for lessons to sink in, but swift enough to hold attention. Attention to smooth transitions makes the info easier to follow.

Style and Role

The role of the narrator is changing in eLearning. A robotic, professorial style is requested less and new narrator characters, the quirky hipster, the genuine friend, the engaged peer, the conversational manager are more popular. These choices bring new life to the genre. And always the focus is one-to-one.

Emphasis on key takeaways

Purposely emphasizing certain words or phrases that are crucial to understanding the material makes for a memorable learning experience. Ah, but which ones? A facility with script and their analysis is crucial to deftly imparting the key takeaways in any learning program.

Be Interested

This may be where the acting comes in, especially if the program is a manual or technically dense, but being genuinely interested in the educational material being taught is critical to higher learner engagement, information retention and therefore, program success.
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