Professional Female Voice Over Artist. Demo Reels Included

Youthful · Animated · Friendly · Conversational · Authentic

Looking for a talented voice over professional for your commercial ad? Kim’s voice range and skill is guaranteed to engage your target audience: confident, conversational, sultry, sweet, fun, or motherly—you name it, she’ll nail it. Kim is an industry leading expert in commercial voice overs. Her secret to selling your product or service is simple: keep it real. A voice that is natural and genuine is a voice people trust. Trust Kim to sell with telling not selling.

Kim's Commercial Voice Over Talents Include

Kim’s voice over experience spans over hundreds of projects in:

  • Educational & Caring
  • Fun & Youthful
  • Sincere & Inspiring
  • Passionate & Powerful
  • Conversational & Informative
  • Enticing & Attractive
  • Friendly dog

International Accents

Do you want to appeal to people on a global scale? Hop on the trendiest trend: a global international accent. One where you can’t quite tell where the person is from, but you know they’ve travelled. Kim is an expert in international accents. With today’s strong need for cultural diversity, Kim’s crafted international accent that is intriguing enough to sound exotic, and subtle enough to avoid pinpointing a geographic location. Sound global with Kim.

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