commercial voice over

Kim is capable of achieving a range of voices that are guaranteed to engage your target audience: sultry, sweet, fun, and motherly—you name, she’ll nail it. Kim is a leading expert in commercial voice overs. Her secret to selling any product or service is simple: keep it real. A voice that is natural rather than forced is a voice people can trust. Trust Kim to sell without selling. (or perhaps “with telling”)


Kim's Commercial Voice Over Talents Include

Kim’s eLearning experience spans over hundreds of projects in:

  • Educational & Caring
  • Fun & Youthful
  • Sincere & Inspiring
  • Passionate & Powerful
  • Conversational & Informative
  • Enticing & Attractive
  • Enticing & Attractive

International Accents

Do you want to appeal to people on a global scale? Kim is also an expert in international accents. With today’s strong need for cultural diversity, Kim has cleverly achieved a foreign accent that is intriguing enough to sound exotic, and subtle enough to avoid pinpointing a geographic location.

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