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Kim Handysides | Air and Space eLearning Voice Overs

The aviation industry was an early adopter of eLearning. Simulation software for training in aircraft, in space projects and in warfare replication meant learners could train in a controlled environment free of risk of loss of life. From flight simulators to state-of-the-art technologies, eLearning in air and space today includes improving security, passenger safety and comfort, onboarding, intelligence, technology upgrades and compliances.

From the beginnings, the female voice was preferred in aviation simulation as it was seen as less confrontational, the calm in the storm. Female voice over artist, Kim Handysides has been hired by dozens of companies in these industries to voice flight simulations, courses on air law, cabin instructions for several airlines, protocol for accidents, port authority instruction and many other applications.

As well as her extensive voice over training and experience in eLearning narration, Kim’s early education included ground school and a sojourn into flight school. Her keen interest in aerospace can be heard through the voice over work she does in this field. Clear and smooth, intelligent and easy to listen to, Kim brings energy when needed, seriousness when called for and credibility in all her air and space narration work.

Kim’s recent narration projects in air and space eLearning included a long-term series for the United States Air Force, a program on cultural expectations among international customers for Delta airlines and several compliance modules for Boeing. If you seek a smooth, credible, engaging female voice for your eLearning projects, book Kim today or ask her for a quite or a custom sample.


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